Beauty and health Myths about divorce that you need to stop believing

Myths about divorce

Myths about divorce are very much present in our society, and marriage annulment is still a taboo subject.

We present the most common misconceptions about divorce that many still believe. Note that not all statistics are as black as we first thought.

Myths about divorce

Half of marriages end in divorce

The myth that 50% of marriages fail is outdated information that existed 40 years ago. Research has shown that 70% of marriages were successful in the 90s and now that people are getting married later, they make more mature decisions. That’s why experts say a lower percentage of divorces.

Divorce and impact on children

Research has shown that divorce can be stressful for children, but it can not harm them or affect their psychological development almost as if they continue to live with both parents who are constantly arguing in a negative way. Numerous studies have shown that children need a stable and peaceful environment, regardless of whether their parents live together or not. It is essential for parents to agree and be present in their children’s lives, regardless of the divorce.

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Divorce is a failure

Many people, after divorce, live happier and healthier lives. Therefore, divorce is by no means a failure in most situations.

Living together before marriage reduces the chance of divorce

According to a 2014 study by the University of South Carolina, when couples live together before marriage, it does not affect the quality of married life. This means that this step, before the wedding, does not guarantee a long-term marriage.

Infidelity and divorce

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, dishonesty is not the most common reason for divorce. There are many couples who have been married despite being cheated.


Marriage is not always easy. Sometimes it requires a lot of energy, understanding and communication. If we are happy with a part of the marriage, it does not mean that divorce is inevitable, nor does it mean that it is impossible to work in a segment where your partner and you are not happy. Through Cottonbro Pexels

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