Beauty and health on the face shine: Here’s how to get it in five steps …


The remarkable brilliance has a special accent on your face, and it is very close to you – in five steps. Just follow our guide!


STEP 1: Take care, first!

In the beginning, the most important thing is not to lose your skin type. If oily, use a primer or toner to control sebum production (Our suggestion: OleHenriksen Balancing Force ™ Oil Control Toner). For a fresh look, use products that reflect light, not oil the skin. On the other hand, if the skin is dry, there will be an irregular texture when applied with pearl preparations. In this case, first apply a quality foundation, such as a serum with hyaluronic acid (Our suggestion: Vichy Minéral 89 day booster for a firmer and fuller skin), or a light gel cream that perfectly hydrates and absorbs the skin.

STEP 2: Shine the first layer

A dazzling look can be achieved by using two products in the lighting category. At this stage, apply the first product of this kind – mother-of-pearl primer – which is the basis for applying liquid powder, dye or BB cream to the entire surface of the facial skin, even if you use a fat-absorbing primer. previous step.

STEP 3: Increase the result!

Apply makeup base. Then add a little blush on the cheeks and spread diagonally towards the temple. Warm tones, such as apricots and peaches, will emphasize the shine of the skin. It will absorb liquid and cream makeup faster, and will make your face look clearer. But if you have oily skin, powdered products will be a better choice because this shape stays on the skin longer.

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STEP 4: It’s time for the second illuminator

Lighters (highlights) in gold or bronze tones are available in powder and cream form, and contain mother-of-pearl particles. However, unlike previous generations of these products, the new lighters do not produce a vivid bright effect, but the brightness is much more subtle. Today, thanks to the application of new technologies, these makeup products allow for a much more natural look. Larger mother particles of minerals or pearls can visually enlarge pores and wrinkles. But new products contain much finer particles and some of them are just moisturizing substances. These formulas are perfect for the day, and make-up in stone, as well as powder, for evening outings and – Instagram!

STEP 5: Natural finish

Rub another highlight on prominent parts – the cheeks, the arch of the eyebrows, along the nose, above the line of the upper lip, as well as at the top of the chin. This will emphasize the bone structure of your face. If you only use the marker in part, e.g. only on the cheeks, which will have an unnatural effect. Place a small protractor on your fingertip and tap on the part you want. This way you will avoid disturbing the rest of the makeup on your face. For the same reasons, use a wide brush (fan-shaped) to apply the powder, because too much dust does not collect in the hair. Alex Butko / iStock via Getty Images, PR

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