Beauty and health Perfect pieces for this autumn season: From Italy, with love!

We present the latest Italian models for this autumn / winter season. Warm up, fashionable.

Although we are used to choosing more neutral shades in autumn and winter, stylists around the world have a new idea this year. Namely, bright colors, striking pieces, unusual creations … All this is desirable in autumn and winter. It’s a must this season!

That’s why, following the example of the latest trends in the world, the “Fashion Paradise” boutique brings us the best of the fashion capital – Italy. Let’s not go any further, go with us on this fashion adventure. Connect, we’re taking off!

2021 autumn / winter season in Italian style

Wet breath

We wrote this summer that knitted bags, according to sea knots, are a huge hit. It seems like summer is long gone, bags like this are still in vogue for some reason. The unusual design will refresh each look and make it unique.

Dare to be different

Even though we’re used to wearing dark shades in the cold months, why not get out of your comfort zone this season? Red tones are timeless to work with any piece of clothing. And when it comes to jackets, the elegant look is achieved in a very simple way.

Black and white love

If you prefer a more classic look, this season we recommend long leather jackets interspersed with weird details for a slightly classic version this season.

Leopard print

An animal print, and especially a design that mimics leopard patterns, is always in vogue. Just one detail of the clothing combination is enough to completely transform the whole look.

Modern and comfortable

For most of us the first association of autumn is shoes. And it’s best when everything can be combined – comfort, practicality and the latest trends. If you don’t like high-heeled shoes, choose deep shoes with a flat, comfortable sole that is thick enough not to be cold.

“Oxford” is slightly different

It seems that the famous “oxfords” will never go out of style. And thankfully for us today, in addition to the classics, there are some changes to the theme. Our suggestion: slightly higher platforms and chains, which are also very popular fashion accessories this year.

Blue autumn and winter

The color blue is by no means stored only in the summer, and this season, there are also popular blue bags with shorter belts, similar to bags from the 90s. Of course, fashion is constantly returning, so it radiates nostalgia this fall and winter.

Autumn colors

When it is not dark and rainy, autumn ignites nature in all these shades that color nature. All of these shades are recommended when it comes to accessories.

What else is available in the “Fashion Paradise” store for the summer / summer 2021 season, see HERE.

The “Fashion Paradise” boutique is on the premises of the “TC Mercator” in Novi Sad, as well as the Mercator Center in New Belgrade.

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