Beauty and Health Retro eyeliner is new this fall! Copy the look of famous ladies!

retro eyeliner

Retro eyeliner is a trend that has brought a new level of glamor to the makeup routine of each of us.

Tradition tells us to put aside cold colors, palettes and clothes while we prepare for the colder months. However, 2021 is slightly different.

The fall / winter catwalks of 2021 and social media agents have shown us (and proved!) That the beautiful designs, expressive jewelry and, above all, the fascinating make-up, are perfect for the coming cold season.

From the slightly more striking shades and delicate colors to the retro eyeliner, which will surely be the most popular makeup look, next season brings us everything, but not a monotonous look.

Retro eyeliner


Dua Lipak modernized the black eyeliner by adding white dots and got what he wanted: the wow effect!


Rihanna decided to lengthen the eyeliner line, so she reminded us of how the stars of the 70s dressed.

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Ashley Graham decided to replace the standard black eyeliner with a shade of green that perfectly matches her eye color.

Like Twiggy

Zendaja took us on another journey into the past when he copied the appearance of the stars of the 1960s.

Dot, colored!

Camilla played with eyeliner tones, and got a look that leaves no one indifferent!

As much as better

Who says we have to draw a single line with an eyeliner?

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