Beauty and health Star stripes and discreet dots are a new manicure trend


The minimalist manicure trend is once again enjoying the glory of five minutes and the main word is subtle dots and lines. Give it a try!

Subtle dots and lines will be the essence of autumn manicure stories. Although simple, these details are very effective, which will set you apart from the crowd. They are very wearable and will complement almost any clothing combination. The good news in this case is that there are no rules. You can combine them with each other, add the point where you want it, draw a line where it suits you best or where it suits you best … All that matters is to be moderate. With the exception of the salon, you can easily create this trend in your home. Design your own “outline” or just use one of the ones we bring you below, which we found on the @aliciatnails Instagram profile.

How to create this manicure trend?

The great thing is that you already have a tool to draw dots and lines in your home. If you opt for small dots, use a needle or toothpick. If you want something bigger, use the bottom of the makeup brush. To create lines, a brush made from old nails that you no longer use will come in handy. Simply stop as long as necessary to draw minimalist lines. Put a little nail (with the color you want) on the foil, insert the right tool in the paint and work with. Let our suggestions inspire you …

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