Beauty and health: the French eyeliner gets a new and cunning version of punk!

French eyeliner

We’re not used to French eyeliner so far!

French makeup has always been minimalist. What the French pay special attention to is skin care. A healthy, shiny face is essential for a beautiful appearance.

Plus, French women are known for their hats, red lipsticks, and eyeliner!

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French eyeliner is a way to apply makeup, it is to apply the eyeliner in a thin layer, especially at the end. This gets the famous “cat eye”, but in a minimal and noticeable way. However, the eye is transformed and a stylish and feminine look is achieved.

The video below explains how to put on French makeup.

And now that we’ve mastered the classic “French look”, it’s time to do a little experimentation.

French eyeliner in punk mode

That is, the ultimate success of makeup, straight from Paris, is slowly conquering the rest of the world. It’s a French eyeliner punk.

The first thing you need is a thinner eyeliner brush and a stronger hand. Draw a line around the tear tube of the eyelid. Then jump on the nails, and continue to draw the eyeliner at the end of the eye. It is important to have the line as straight as possible.

You can use any color, you don’t have to limit it to black. This look reveals minimalist debt, but creates character and attitude, according to French makeup artists. So why not test yourself? @ hannah_murray1 via Instagram

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