Beauty and health The Libra 2021 season brings us a desire for harmony and justice

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The Libra 2021 season will arrive on September 23rd, and here’s what it brings us …

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, congratulations: that means you’re in the Libra zodiac sign (and you probably already knew that!). This romantic and diplomatic sign exudes beautiful energy and always wants one thing: balance and justice.

Whether you’re a Libra, whether your partner was born in that sign, or want to know more about this sign in the Zodiac, one thing’s for sure: Libra season is coming. And what it brings, we’ll find out below.

Libra 2021 season

The balance is presented as a symbol with a balance that shows their natural ability to weigh both sides and create harmony of opposing energies. They also continue to have a non-decision voice. They are led by a romantic Venus, which makes sense when we think about what Libra wants in the realm of love. As one of the cardinal signs, Libra is focused on society and makes friends easily.

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It is the energy of this zodiac sign that brings us more social and dynamic energy most of the time in late September and October. We will strive for harmony and be more peaceful. We want justice at all costs. Be careful not to get in the way of someone who is important on the road.

As for loving this month, we will be more charming than ever. And where we appear, special energy will fascinate us. This month is truly a month of love for almost every sign of the Zodiac. This month, love and social life will be our top priority.

The landing of the pound will calm us down and put us on the ground. Welcome to Libra Season! natala krechetova / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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