Beauty and health The shoes that go with every dress and you probably own it!

shoes that go with every dress

The shoes that go with all dresses are part of the famous “drawer” of clothes, and in addition to saving money, it also saves us time when choosing an outfit.

Dresses are definitely not stored for spring for a long time. There are many models that can be worn in the fall. But in that case, we also need the right shoes. Don’t despair though! Below we present 7 pairs of shoes that you can wear with any dress (in the cold and warm months). Plus, you’re likely to own some models!

Shoes that go with all dresses

Cubic heeled shoes

These elegant and chic shoes give each dress a French touch. Their advantage in terms of comfort and practicality is that they are incredibly feminine.


Luckily, sneakers have been paired with some outfits for a number of years now, so ladies who don’t like heels can end up pairing their favorite outfit with their favorite shoes.

Article boots

Short boots are perfect with dresses. They are comfortable and add elegance to any outfit. Therefore, they are suitable for more formal events.


The perfect shoe for fall, as it goes perfectly with long socks and dresses and skirts.

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Leather shoes

These shoes are reminiscent of English school uniforms and give the whole look a dose of chic.

Deep boots

Whether the dress is short or long, deep boots are always a good choice. Solovyova / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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