Beauty and health We have found the perfect liquid powder with a tendency to oily skin and impurities!

Oily skin needs an oil-free powder that will give it a matte look all day long. He will perform this task well Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Shine Control.

Apply the powder to cover any irregularities before leaving the house, but after an hour or two, it does not stay in place, while the face appears with an unwanted and unattractive glow. Do you know this scenario? We believe that most women with oily skin have experienced it. To avoid this, it is important not to skip deep cleansing of the face every day with the right products to help control the production of sebum on the skin, as well as to choose a quality powder that will control unwanted shine. We recommend you try the vegan Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Shine Control liquid powder, because the matte color is the perfect base for any season.

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What makes this powder special?

Higher performance, new tones, modern design … This season Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Shine Control is promoted. The enhanced, skin-friendly, vegan powder texture is free of mineral oils, microplastic particles, parabens, oils or alcohol. In addition to being available for 18 hours in four shades, it now has anti-fungal protection. Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals, and EvermatTM provides a long-lasting matte appearance.

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Improved packaging

In addition to improving texture, All Matt Shine Control comes in a new package. The innovative pump allows for better dosing of dust, while the cover is made from recycled plastic. Catrice she believes that all beauty lovers should have access to more sustainable cosmetics, as well as make them available to everyone. Also, responsible behavior towards the planet is becoming one of the basic needs of consumers. We are almost certain! DragonImages / iStock via Getty Images, PR

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