Beauty and Health You will believe that it is time to add the health benefits of cinema to the menu

health benefits of quinoa

The health benefits you probably didn’t know about cinema.

If we consider the low-carbohydrate diets we have encountered in recent years, it seems that this macronutrient is the first public enemy.

However, carbohydrates are actually the main source of energy, and nutritionists recommend daily consumption, in moderation. That is, we need more carbohydrates than protein and fat, experts agree.

One of the tastiest and healthiest ways to incorporate carbohydrates into your daily menu is with the help of quinoa. And why everything is healthy, we’ll find out below.

What is quinoa?

Although it is a technically edible seed, quinoa is considered a whole grain. It is mostly consumed in Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, where people have been eating it for five thousand years. There are over 120 types of quinoa, but we mostly see white, red, or black. And like rice, quinoa is gluten-free in itself, so it’s ideal for people who don’t support it or have celiac disease.

Health benefits of cinema

Quinoa may be a small grain, but it is too rich in nutrients. Quinoa is rich in nutrients that play a key role in strengthening proteins, fiber, B vitamins and the immune system. Research has also shown that the ingredients in this cereal affect the healthy development of pregnant women.

Half a quinoa contains about 111 kcal, 4 g of protein, 2 g of fat, 20 g of carbohydrates, about 3 g of fiber and about 1 g of sugar.

It builds and rebuilds muscles

Compared to other whole grain foods, quinoa is at the top in terms of protein content. And this macronutrient is ideal for building and rebuilding muscles. In addition, quinoa contains essential fatty acids, which are needed to produce proteins in the body.

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Good digestion

Due to its high fiber content, quinoa reduces constipation and normalizes digestion. It also lowers bad cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Better metabolism

Vitamin B improves metabolism, sends nutrients to cells and affects the overall health of the body.

Congenital defects

It affects folate, B vitamins, cell division and DNA construction. Folate plays a key role in preventing birth defects and is essential in the diet of pregnant women. And it has plenty of quinoa.

Stronger immune system

Half a quinoa has about 13% of its daily zinc requirement. a mineral that activates T cells that protect the body from infections. Thus, quinoa strengthens the immune system.

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