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Lipsticks for the fall season

In the fall season, lipsticks are a little different than what we’re used to wearing in the cold months.

With the arrival of colder weather, the change of seasons means changes in our fashion, but also a beauty routine. Slowly, we replace bright summer colors with shades that are more appropriate for fall. And as you change the makeup done on your kit, below we’ll explain which lips we’ll be wearing this season.

Lipsticks for the fall season

This fall, the world of makeup combines comfort and playfulness. From cinnamon shades, especially rich brown tones to bronze and sequins, the range is very diverse. And it is best that these shades are suitable for all skin types. So let’s not borrow more …

“Dirty pink

We’ve replaced bright colors with thicker colors, so a slightly darker shade of pink is recommended this fall.

Turn off the orange

Although we wear bright orange shades this summer, this color continues to be a trend, but is more neutral in the fall.


Sequins, but moderate, are being a huge hit this season, no matter what shade you choose. Shine full shine!

Red blonde

Red lip color is a permanent hit and, this season, the ruby ​​color is recommended.

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Chocolate color

Brown tones are also popular in terms of fashion, but also in the case of makeup. Choose lighter or darker shades of chocolate and immerse yourself in the fall colors.

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