Beauty and HealthDru Barrymore and Cameron Diaz received all the praise for their natural appearance!

natural appearance

Drew (46) recently posted a photo on his IG profile where he is with one of his best friends – Cameron (49) -. The photo caused a lot of comments and there was all the praise for its natural look!

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, their friendship began on the set of the film Charlie’s angels Since 2000, in a photo posted on Druin’s IG profile, they look happy and humorous. Although it has been 21 years since they first appeared Angels, many commented below the photo that they look better than ever.

“Beautiful! Old in a natural way and with dignity without doing too much with plastic surgery “and” It’s really refreshing to see Hollywood faces that haven’t changed beyond recognition. “ – Read some comments because of the natural look that can be read under Dru’s post.

Although Diaz had previously used Botox in an interview Entertainment tonight In 2014, he confessed that he regretted it.

– I tried Botox, but even though I was injected with minimal doses, the changes made my face so unusual, I thought, “No, I don’t want that and I look like that,” he said then. “I’d rather see the marks of years on my face than look at my face.”

A similar attitude was confirmed on 2o2 February. year, that he decided to avoid anti-aging procedures.

– I don’t do anything on my face and I will do everything I can to keep it that way – he said during the guest’s appearance in the session Drew Barrymore Show, directed by his friend. “I know myself very well.” I relate to something easily. If I start with an injection, I’ll soon play Jocelyn Wildenstein, ”she said, remembering the millionaire American who is known for overdoing plastic surgery.

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Drew, meanwhile, is for a British magazine Glamor he said:

“Never say never.”

Still, today she chooses completely natural aging. Drew owns a cosmetic line Flower Beautythis allowed her, as she says, to learn makeup tricks that help her hide flaws.

– My motto is not to do anything invasive on my face and not to make an effort to achieve youth and unreal beauty. – With each year of my life, I feel weaker and more sensitive. But at the same time, I appreciate it more and more every year of my life.

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