Beauty and healthLogomania! We’ll take you to the backstage and stage of the Mona fashion show

32 years after the company was founded, MONA launched a new logo from the top of Belgrade! See how new it is limited publication collection Logomania.

Fourteenth floor of the hotel MONA Plaza it became a stage for new models limited publication collection, called LOGOMANIA, inspired by the new logo.

New Mona logo: what you need to know

The logo and print that adorns the new models were designed by Slavimir Stojanovic Futro and the creators of MONA applied jackets, suits, coats, bags, scarves, socks …

The collection will be on display in 15 stores across the region and the new MONE logo is sure to mark a new era in fashion.

The new MONA collection and new logo were also not the only stars of the evening.

Here’s what marked Mona’s fashion show

In addition to the top models who arrived from Milan that day, Sara Jo came out of the front row, right on stage, which made her spectacular with this performance! U to order costume, with MONA print, Sara Jo, model show, 32 of them premiered their new song – Wild!!

Stroll through the selected photos with us to take a look and see what the pre-show preparations were like. And, of course, look for new logos and templates that are good limited publication LOGOMANIA collections.

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Marko Petrovic

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