Beauty and healthThe most popular forms of nails: a guide to manicure trends

The most popular nail shapes

Nowadays the most popular nail shapes go from end to end, so it comes down to the old saying: who loves what, let him love.

It seems to us that every time we enter a manicure salon it is as if we are entering a battle. Depending on the shape and length of the nails, we think the options will limit us, but they deceive us every time.

Shadows, shapes, accessories, ornaments … There are so many possibilities in the world of nails that it challenges us. Below, we will try to make it easier to go for a manicure.

The most popular nail shapes


This season the nail almond shape is a complete success. It is oval in shape, with a smoother tip, and is best suited for nails of medium length. What nail experts advise is to use neutral colors to give the shape another dimension.

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Cubic nails

They have an accurate sound appearance and have been very popular in recent seasons. They are best suited for shorter nails and darker colors are recommended when it comes to shades.

Oval nails

Round nails with corners are classic shapes that fit all lengths of nails. A classic French manicure or minimalist nail decorations are recommended.

Round nails

Round nails with rounded edges fit better with short nails, and are great with bright colors such as turquoise.


It is rectangular in shape, with sharp edges. This shape is recommended for longer nails, and in terms of colors, choose lighter shades. Heavy colors and many ornaments can make your nails too aggressive.


Similar to a suitcase, but with more rounded edges, the dancer’s manicure fits over longer nails. When it comes to colors, these nails have everything, but pink shades are recommended.


Pointed nails are also very popular, especially in the world of celebrities (remember Kylie Jenner for example). This dramatic look fits long nails and suits any color.

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Natural nails

And finally, as the natural look returns to fashion, so do natural nails. This type of manicure is suitable for shorter nails and neutral and nude tones are recommended. DevMarya / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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