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What to wear to the reception

The question of what to wear to the reception is the question each day has asked itself. And if you’re short of inspiration, we bring you ideas straight from Instagram. Not much time left!

New Year’s Eve is a special evening for most of us. And in addition to worrying about where and with whom we will celebrate midnight, it is very important for us what we will wear this time.

We say goodbye to the old year, 2021 tomorrow, and if you’re still unsure or you’re running out of ideas / time, we’ve got you covered with the best outfits for the crazy night, right from Instagram. Let’s start 2022 in the best way possible!

What outfit to wear?

Wear sequins

Nothing better to say that we are preparing a sequin for the crazy night. So don’t be afraid to get the most out of this trend. Combine some old patterns with others and make them shine brightly!

on the pond

Tufts is a playful design that attracts attention. And best of all, he agrees with almost everything. Choose a black-and-white version with red details that you can “break”, such as a bracelet or lipstick.


Never underestimate the power of a good outfit. This classic certainly has a special charm and catches the eye.

Beautiful gold

The golden color is also perfect for a crazy night out, and it’s up to you to choose a dress or a piece of clothing like a t-shirt or skirt.

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Royal purple

Purple has become a huge hit on social media. And if you want to get out of the comfort zone, this is the right choice for you!

Winter white

Slightly less daring, the color is white: soft, sophisticated and smooth.

Rose party

It allows us to experiment on New Year’s Eve nights and make lots of colors! And pink shades are one of the most spectacular choices. dor-riss / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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