Blue nectar will take first place in the list of spring hair tones

blue nectar

Apparently, the blue nectar will remove the brown shadow from the throne, which undoubtedly marked the winter season of the year.

Nectar blue is a dreamy and creamy shade that achieves the perfect balance between shine and smoothness. It has all the boldness of platinum, but it cools down with softer, warmer tones, which is certainly easier to maintain. This shade looks luxurious, golden and warm. And the key is to turn the base color into a dark blue, adding warm vanilla across the layers and in the area that marks the face. Blue nectar is best for people with medium to light natural hair, as it has more orange tones that are difficult to “fight” on very dark bases. It also “warms up” the atmosphere of the nineties supermodel – remember Claudia Schiffer! Whatever your length, we believe that the next look will give you a chance and take you to a new spring in a completely different edition.

Blue Nectar: ​​Are you ready to switch to the “bright side”?

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