Body oil and skin care: The beauty benefits of this way of taking care of yourself

Body oil and skin care go hand in hand, creating the perfect winter tandem, and why we explain it in the text below.

Although we pay special attention to facial skin care during the winter, using more moisturizers, the skin of the body is often discarded. This also causes drying, cracking, irritation and itching, which are affected by winter weather conditions (cold, wind). To keep your skin healthy and beautiful in the winter, mature the oil. And here’s why.

Body oil and skin care


Evikendnto is that oils nourish our skin. However, these preparations help in the treatment of itching, stretch marks, cellulite, but also in the elasticity of the weakened skin elasticity. Oils are packed with complex lipids that improve skin elasticity, as well as cell regeneration itself. They also reduce irritation.


Skin massage improves blood flow, so that cells throughout the body receive the necessary nutrients. Oils are the perfect way to relax our body and mind and improve our health. Better circulation helps the cells get rid of debris, and is a great way to detoxify the skin.

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Oils tend to “shut off” water and are effective for moisturizing the skin. The oil penetrates every cell of the skin, nourishing it deeply. It is advisable to shower the oil and use it immediately, on damp skin, so that it retains water better. After doing the towels, tap the skin of the body to pick up excess water and oil.

Skin barrier

Oils are full of essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and create a protective barrier. Protects the skin from contaminants and free radicals.

Reduces scars

Body oil helps to reduce skin scars and stretch marks. Daily body massage can help remove acne scars. kazuma seki / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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