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Cosmetics Lafy Natural was born out of a desire to offer professional hair cosmetics that meet the criteria of a pure beauty philosophy.

Cosmetics Lafy Natural, Behind it is Mila Subotic, a master engineer in technology, and another cosmetic gem that we present to you in our series on natural cosmetics – Brand stories. Lafy Natural Preparations can only be purchased annually dm drugstorebut in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia, but they are often and pleasantly used by many high-efficiency hairdressers. In short, this brand can be described as a professional and natural hair cosmetic. When you say professional, you mean yes Lafy Natural the products have highly concentrated non-invasive formulas, and all the ingredients are very effective. Naturally, all components are believed to be eco-certified, as well as subject to the strict regulations of the philosophy of pure beauty. Mila Subotic knew the beginnings and development of this cosmetic.

Mila Subotic, founder of the brand

“Lafy Natural” cosmetics: according to the philosophy of pure beauty

How he was born Lafy Natural story?

Lafy Natural it is an entrepreneurial story born out of a creative approach to solving life’s problems and creating new values. I tried (and still do) to get a passion for cosmetics into the world trend, with pure beauty certainly at the moment. The idea was to create a world-class premium brand that uses its intellectual capital and creative potential in a selfless way.

What are the basic values ​​of your brand?

What we are proud of is that the team of brand partners and friends is made up of great professionals. I am not only the founder of the brand, but also a technologist, a world-renowned expert – Jadranka Čubrilo, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, who has made a successful career all over the world and currently lives and works in Berlin. formulations. My husband Mladen Subotic, who holds a PhD in engineering management, is in charge of management and marketing. Consulting services are provided by Dr. Marija Radojković of the Novi Sad Faculty of Technology. There are also friends of the brand – hairdressers Zika Studio and Slobodan Živković professional hairdresser, as well as our friends Danilo and Sharon, very famous fashion and wedding photographers. What unites us all is that we are all proud to say that we are from Sombor.

Because through Lafy Natural stands out in the market?

Which ones Lafy Natural innovative products with ingredients that are originally natural derivatives certainly stand out in the market. They are certainly designed for women who want light, non-invasive and yet very effective formulas, all raw materials that conform to the rules of the philosophy of pure beauty. Our design is minimalist, and all the packages are imported (our Eurovetrocap in Milan is our long-term supplier). Used raw materials are imported from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Korea.

What’s in your wallet? What can we find there?

Our portfolio currently consists of three products, and these are Detangler 7 in 1 rice protein argan oil, Sea fog with Aloe Vera i Liquid crystal with bio lettuce oil.

What are your top selling products?

Disbelieving it is certainly our best-selling product, and it already has a cult status that our customers are happy with. It is a type of hair comb conditioner that smoothes the hair shaft, reducing the possibility of friction between the strands if tangled. Users love it because it contains ingredients that guarantee the hair a good day, such as rice and wheat proteins, which are responsible for strengthening and damaging the hair, as well as nourishing argan and hazelnut oils that keep the hair smooth and shiny. Disbelieving recovers hair. It can be applied to wet hair after washing, as it is not greasy, and can also be used daily. It makes combing easier and nourishes the hair.

Sea fog gives immediate and natural hair volume, especially in the case of thin and silky. Another advantage is that it reduces oily hair. In addition to sea salt, it also contains aloe vera, which prevents dehydration.

Bio liquid Hair oil crystals are a preparation that uses natural alternatives instead of silicone. This product is great for dealing with cracked ends.

What are your plans for the future?

We are currently preparing two more products that should be on the shelves by the end of April. We will try to make a breakthrough again, as both products will have active substances and a trademark, which is certainly an innovation in our market. We also owe him a big thank you dm drug storessmall, reliable home partner start marks.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

The synergy between science and nature is the perfect balance on which our cosmetic world is based. We are constantly working on that. In translation, lighter and non-invasive formulations, without ingredients that allow the product to last too long on the shelf, are the most important, and this is beneficial for your hair and skin. Beauty and health should not be ruled out.


Lafy Natural a reader will enjoy it with a gift package Detangler 7 in 1 rice protein argan oil, Sea fog with Aloe Vera i Liquid crystal with bio lettuce oil. For more information on delivery, see 23.3. on our Instagram profile.


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