Bright makeup: how to dress?

bright makeup

Bright makeup can give you a new sense of strength and optimism, and is the perfect choice for the holiday season. We show you how to make your face, body, nails and hair shine.

Bright makeup will no doubt evoke that somewhat forgotten feeling, make it more appealing and improve our mood. However, the bright look is not just for the eye shadow. There is a wide range of opportunities to help attract attention and make a positive impression on others. Here are some of them

Shiny makeup: from the face to the shiny effects of the hair

Face – in the foreground

Glitter can be used to create a stylish look, but also very subtle. You can apply the pearl shadows only to the inner and outer edge of the eye, which will give you a bigger and calmer eye effect. You can also apply eyelid gloss directly. Apply a pearl shadow on the lid with your fingertip and you’ll get a party look in an instant. For an even more subtle effect, just add a layer of glitter or gold shadow to the line drawn with the eye liner only. Apply eyeliner, and then apply a thin layer of transparent eyelash varnish. Before the glue dries, carefully press the glitter or golden shadow powder on this line and make sure it is as close as possible to the edge of the lashes. Then apply the mascara in several layers.

To emphasize the cheeks, apply glitter only to the highest parts of the face. Always apply gloss with a thick, flat brush. The thicker and stronger the brush, the more accurate the application.

Finally, smear your lips with your favorite color and place a glossy lip gloss on top. Another option: glue the pieces of gold paper over the upper lip – to emphasize the shape of the lips.

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Let your body shine!

Applying fine shine to the shoulders, lower legs and other parts of the body that are exposed to light can be very sexy. Therefore, make sure that you test the glitter oil. If you are wearing warmer, apply décolleté and necklace – this will emphasize the contour of that part of the body. Use glitter as a moisturizing, fragrant water that leaves no marks on clothing.

Get to metal varnishes

Metal nails go with almost everyone because they are considered a neutral option. In addition, this type of varnish is more durable and more resistant to abrasion. Use metallic varnish like any other. If you want a more noticeable shine effect, choose a glitter varnish. They are even more likely to stay on your nails longer than regular nails. If you apply a colorless varnish on the last layer, you will extend the shine varnish for a few more days. When applying, tap the nail polish on the nail, instead of pulling the strokes from the root to the top, so that the glitter will only collect irregularly on the surface. Applying this method will prevent the nail polish from sticking to a layer that is too thick. It makes sense to apply the base coat, which is the base of the varnish, because then it will be easier to remove the varnish.

Give your hair a little shine too

The key is moderation and application strategy. For a subtle effect, add glitter only on the piece or on the ends of the braid. Avoid glitter spray, as such bright particles usually end up in the clothes and can be transferred to anything you touch. Instead, use glitter gel and apply with a brush. kobrin_photo, marigo20 / iStock via Getty Images

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