Brown eye makeup: step by step to perfect makeup

Brown eye makeup needs some tricks to highlight those chocolate shades.

More than 55% of people have brown eyes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t personal. When you look closely at a person with brown eyes, you realize that it is a mixture of shades of gold, chestnut, chocolate, black or green. All this means is that these eyes are everything, not ordinary and ordinary.

And below we introduce you to makeup tricks especially how to stand out.

Makeup for brown eyes

Mat shadows

Makeup artists advise women with brown eyes to use matte shadows that are applied all over the eyelids as a base. In this way, the color of the eyes is particularly emphasized.

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Warm tones

Warm brown tones give depth to brown eyes, and it’s best to use neutral brown tones as a contrast to eye color.

Blue details

The blue color goes perfectly with the brown and gives each look a unique charm, especially if you have brown eyes. Put the blue on the edge of your eyes and highlight the chocolate tones. For evening changes, add a dark blue eye liner to a neutral shade.


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Emphasize the upper eyelid line

Use a darker shade of brown on the upper eyelid line and mix with a brush. This will give you a more dramatic look.

Check out the brown eye makeup makeup tutorial below and find your inspiration.

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