Buccal fat removal is a new beauty trend

Removal of buccal fat

Removing buccal fat deposits is almost a sculptural endeavor that goes beyond all the powers of makeup and contouring. And how does it work?

Considering how popular fillings are today, the thought of removing fat deposits from the cheeks for the sake of aesthetics seems strange and confusing. But getting rid of buccal fat is another beauty trend we are finding more and more.

What is buccal fat removal?

This term has been around for years, but it only gained popularity in the previous period. Research shows that the term is typed in Google search more often in the last month than in the last five years.

The word “buccal” refers to the area around the cheeks, so buccal is a fat deposit on the cheeks. It penetrates deep into the skin structure and in most people extends from the cheeks to the lips. And how are fat deposits removed?

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Surgery is a surgical plastic that removes the aforementioned fat deposits. As you get older, that fat tissue doesn’t go away, but it gets crushed and your jaw goes down. This is why, aesthetically, the body looks full.

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, is performed under local or total anesthesia, and the recovery process takes several days. In recovery, the area around the cheek is swollen and painful to the touch. The swelling usually lasts a week.

However, this is not the definitive solution, as some have reported that fat deposits return to the cheeks within a few years. In addition, it is possible for the surgeon to remove fat deposits from the cheek, causing asymmetry. In addition, there is a risk of nerve damage to the face. Therefore, before making any decision about invasive surgery, it is necessary to consult with experts who have the knowledge you value and have a reliable opinion.

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