By filling the ships, we are saving the planet

green cosmetics

Don’t forget that choosing cosmetics can have an impact on a healthier environment, and that’s what ultimately affects everyone’s lives. Some green cosmetics take your place in your kit!

Today, 79% of the population is willing to look for healthier and more environmentally friendly products (Ipsosovo research 2020 Global Land Survey) and they hope the brand will provide a ‘greener’ option. This is especially true when it comes to skin care, which is our first limitation on the outside and which is affected by negative environmental impacts such as allergens, pollution and increased UV radiation. In short, a healthier environment also means healthier skin. Thanks to many innovations and “green” sciences, La Roche-Posay it responded to these challenges and expectations. In order to change our lives for the better, this brand is driven by a philosophy that products should be good for people, good for the planet and good for the communities involved in the purchase of raw materials.

Greener cosmetics: small steps for big goals

Being one of the basic goals, La Roche-Posay By 2025, it has reduced primary plastics in packaging and saved 10,000 tonnes of primary plastics. The ultimate goal is to increase this quota by 100 percent by 2030 so as not to use primary plastic made from scratch. One of the first steps in this mission is to refill the known packages Lipikar Lines aimed at sensitive, very dry skin prone to eczema.

Save bottles of Lipikar products!

Lipikar Baume AP + M it is a good example of what pioneering scientific research looks like when combined with sustainability. Recent scientific advances in the microbiome improve the quality of life of people with dry skin prone to eczema. The special formulation has a threefold effect: it restores the balance of the skin microbiome, immediately calms, nourishes and restores its barrier, while acting against itching, improves the sleep quality of people prone to eczema by 69 percent (clinical research on 51 topics). ).

There is another way that this balm helps people: the key ingredient in shea butter comes from Burkina Faso as part of a supplier solidarity program that benefits 26,000 women and is the largest such program. L’Oreal groups.

I READ … Organic & Natural Cosmetics & # 8211; what’s the difference

Lipikar the line is equally good for the planet, as all bottles have been made from 100% recycled plastic since 2020 (the container is made from recycled plastic, while the cap is made entirely of plastic). By choosing this type of container, you have already shown a developed environmental awareness, and La Roche-Posay now lets take it one step further.

Save the old container for shower and bath oils LIPIKAR WASHING OIL AP + and with the contents of eco-friendly packaging, 77 percent less plastic was used.

You can do the same with the bottle Lipikar Syndet AP +, a gentle body cleansing formula that also comes in a filling container.

Special offer at pharmacies!

There is a special promotion in pharmacies that lasts until the stock runs out.

With the purchase Lipikar Syndet AP + In the standard 400ml package, you get a 50 percent discount Lipikar Syndet AP + refill in containers.

In the same way, with the purchase of regular packaging LIPKAR WASHING OIL AP + You will get a 50 percent discount on 400 ml LIPIKAR OIL LAVANTAP + in the filling container. IL21 / iStock via Getty Images, PR

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