Cake with raspberries and white chocolate

cake with raspberry and white chocolate

A cake with raspberries and white chocolate is our proposal for this year’s Easter table.

If you want to try something new this Easter, we suggest this recipe. The combination of raspberry and white chocolate provides the perfect creamy and refreshing tandem that all guests will enjoy.

Cake with raspberries and white chocolate



1 cup almonds

6 hours

20 grams of coconut butter

1/2 bag vanilla sugar

White chocolate cream

2 cups anaardo nuts

60 milliliters of lemon juice

60 milliliters of honey

50 grams of coconut butter

60 grams of cocoa butter

1/2 bag vanilla sugar

a pinch of salt

Raspberry top

250 grams of raspberries

3 tablespoons honey

60 grams of cocoa butter



  1. Separate the hoop from the cake pan and place the baking paper on the base. Place the hoop, tighten and cut off the excess baking paper.
  2. Remove the stones with the dates and cut into smaller pieces. Melt the coconut butter at a temperature of 46 degrees C.
  3. Mix the almond and vanilla sugar in a multiplayer sugar, but not completely with the flour structure, but a little thicker.
  4. Add the dates and mix until completely combined.
  5. Finally, add the melted coconut butter and stir until it starts to stick.
  6. Press the base firmly into the mold with your hands and place in the fridge until the cream and top are finished.

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White chocolate cream

  1. Soak the cashews in water 2 hours before, then wash and squeeze.
  2. Melt cocoa and coconut butter over low heat or steam.
  3. Put all the ingredients in the cake, except cocoa and coconut butter, in a blender and mix until smooth.
  4. Finally add the cocoa and coconut butter and mix a little more.
  5. Pour the cream from the blender into a bowl and keep in a warm place until the top of the raspberry is mixed.

Raspberry top

  1. If you use frozen raspberries, melt them well beforehand, leave them at room temperature so that the cocoa butter does not harden during mixing.
  2. First, mix all the ingredients in a blender except the cocoa butter. Then add the cocoa butter and mix a little more.
  3. Add the white chocolate cream parallel to the top of the raspberry.
  4. Finally, mix a little with a fork to get a variety of cakes.
  5. Store in the freezer for 2-3 hours. If you keep the cake in the freezer, always take it out half an hour before serving at room temperature.

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