Camila Cabello’s makeup routine that makes you feel great!

Camila Cabello's makeup routine

Kamila Kabeljo’s makeup is based on this routine feel good principle. Here’s what it’s all about.

We are already accustomed to the singer Camila Cabello speaking clearly about her appearance. He has shown up on social media eleven times without a make-up face so far, as well as a body without a filter.

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She admits that she has flaws, and is a great activist and supports the #bodypositivity movement, which celebrates different body shapes and bodies. Therefore, it is not surprising that we try to be as simple and natural as possible in terms of make-up.

Camila Cabello’s makeup routine

During the “Fift Harmony” band, she was a member and became famous, thanks to which Camila talked about the fight against acne. She has undergone many treatments and still takes great care of her skin.

Since then, skin care has been the most important thing for mehe accepted.

– I do facial peels every day and try to keep my skin hydrated. It helps me a lot and I no longer have so much acne or blackheads, she said, that she learned a lot about routine care from her mother.

He made me egg white masks and I still do. In addition, I regularly massage my skin for health and shine.

In addition to DIY facial treatments, Kamila puts therapy and mindfulness first. He says he understands how much fashion itself has an effect on humor.

For the first 20 minutes since I woke up in the morning I wear something that I feel good about. And it raises serotonin, and I’ll be happy all day.

When it comes to makeup, try not to overdo it.

My attitude towards makeup and fashion has changed a lot. I have more self-confidence, I’ve become more playful, and makeup and clothes serve me well to show off my creativity today. Now I’m excited to try new styles and looks, she said.

For everyday variations, this singer uses CC cream with a beauty blender as well as a concealer. She puts a gel pencil on her eyebrows, and a subtle shadow and mascara on her eyes. Of course, she also uses blush and lightener. She mostly covers her lips with shine.

Informal makeup it’s a routine for me that I can’t go wrong with.

When it comes to self-care, I think the most important thing is to listen to our body and respond to its needs. And that means I’m calm, childish, and happy, he concluded.

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