Vegan Caesar Salad: An ideal summer meal

Vegan Caesar salad is always a good idea, especially on hot, summer days. CAESAR salad designed by food supplier Cesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who served in restaurants in Mexico and the United States. Although he lived and worked in San Diego during Prohibition, he also worked in Tijuana for a time. His daughter Rosa … Read more

Beauty and health zucchini cream soup – an ideal choice for a healthy and diet dinner!

Zucchini cream soup is our choice for tonight’s dinner, and here’s why! In addition to being made in just 30 minutes, this soup is rich in healthy nutrients for strong immunity (and a thin line!). courgettes they can contribute to the treatment of asthma and have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, they can help prevent periodontitis, … Read more

Turkey Property For Sale

This informative guide is free and will give you the lowdown on what you need before, during, after, and after the sale. As well as detailed information about the actual buying process, there is advice on every aspect of living and working in Turkey. Home Real Estate was started in 2004. It is actively involved … Read more