Causes of chronic fatigue: 5 habits that reduce energy

The causes of chronic fatigue are numerous, and we repeat some of them every day without even realizing it.

Most of us have admitted that we are tired of working full time five days a week and are aware that we lack time to rest. Fortunately, not everything is gray. Even if you work eight hours a day, believe it or not, you can have time to freshen up and rest and dedicate yourself to activities you want to do. If you feel chronically tired day in and day out, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by these bad habits.

Causes of chronic fatigue

1. Unhealthy sleep and not enough sleep

In addition to making sure you get eight hours of sleep every night, it’s important to know the quality of your sleep. Quality sleep discards all technological devices, light and snacks before bed. The only thing that won’t stop you from sleeping is the plain water on the bedside table.

2. Sufficient fluid intake

Minimal dehydration can also lead to a drop in energy. Make sure you control your fluid intake and do not change the water with any type of juice.

3. Unhealthy eating

Your body needs good fuel to function properly. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, protein-rich foods and watch your carbohydrate intake.

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4. Too much sugar

You should definitely avoid refined sugar as much as possible and replace all unhealthy snacks and chocolates with nuts.

5. Stress

One of the main culprits for illness and lack of energy is stress. Try to deal with stress as much as possible and relax with meditation, a warm bath, or anything else that suits and relaxes you. fizkes / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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