Collaboration in honor of the 100th anniversary of the fashion icon!

Iris Apfel x H&M

Iris Apfel x H&M the collection pays homage to the unique style of this fashion icon and will go on sale in early 2022! Below, you are sure to be interested in the details of the collaboration if you are a fan of the playful style of your beloved fashion muse.

As an announcement of the inspiring Iris Apfel’s collaboration with fashion icon, H&M organized and celebrated its 100th anniversary on Thursday night in New York at Fashion Week.

Iris Apfel x H&M

Iris is an independent business woman, interior designer, fashion designer and style icon. She is known for her striking way of dressing, strong individuality, bold fashion choices and creative design solutions. That style and inspiration can come from anywhere and from anyone, whatever the price, is the embodiment of the idea.

H&M wanted to work with Iris because of her impact on the style community and the fashion community. For 100 years, Iris has encouraged people to be creative, to celebrate and embrace her style, and she continues to be a pioneer in the fashion industry. Her colorful clothes and bold fashion accessories have been fascinating for decades.

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Key pieces in the collection Iris Apfel x H&M they are colorful, like dresses with floral dresses, carnations, and prints. Everything is made of a mixture of textures, with interesting cuts and patterns. Of course, the wardrobe has specially designed jewelry and fashion accessories.

All materials barkpuppies in the collection they are made of recycled materials or materials made from durable sources, and all clothing and fashion accessories are made with circularity in mind.

H&M he is excellent and is an absolute pioneer in his field, and I love that! I also like it when I create something that H&M already dominates, ”Iris said.

“Iris embodies something we call personal style, a beautiful and ornate style, eclectic and contemporary. It shows what fashion is, a means to express who you are or want to be and at the same time have fun. It’s a real inspiration,” commented Anne -Sophie Johansson, creative clothing consultant for H&M women.

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