Collagen – Your ally for beauty and good health, and how we discover it


You’ve probably heard how collagen affects the body’s vitality and good appearance. Lately, we are offering a wide range of preparations that are presented to us as a elixir of youth in the market.

Collagen is a building protein that is a component of our body’s connective tissue and makes up about 30% of all body proteins. As we age, collagen synthesis decreases, but so does renewal, with an average of 1% of collagen after the age of 25 per year. Collagen synthesis is significantly reduced in all people over the age of 40, especially menopausal women.

Collagen and skin health

We all notice wrinkles on the skin at first, but often, due to the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, there is also a reduction in mobility and pain in the bones and joints. The amount of collagen lost with age is unlikely to be reduced with dietary intake due to the amount of peptides required and the limited chances of reabsorption.

Therefore, the recommendation is to choose a good supplement based on small molecules of bioactive collagen peptides that achieve better utility in key sites.


Collagenfix® It is a liquid oral collagen, Fortigel® – contains bioactive collagen peptides in a dose of 5000 mg, which are absorbed quickly and easily. Collagen repair®In addition to bioactive peptides (FORTIGEL®), it also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, manganese and copper, which together have been shown to improve joint mobility and accelerate their regeneration. They also provide quality skin and hair care and look healthy and beautiful.

Because health and beauty always come from within. Despite your age, stay young and active.


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