Corsets are back in fashion: Romanticism dominates this season


Inspired by Romanticism, Generation Z brought a somewhat forgotten piece of fashion. Corsets are returning to the fashion world through the big door, and here’s how we can all dress up.

Initially, corsets were a symbol of patriarchal obsession with female sexuality and empowerment. Over the years, they have become so ingrained in fashion that they have been worn in both day and evening variations, such as dresses, skirts, pants and even underwear.

Earlier this year, we saw some unique outfits on the Netlfix “Bridgerton” series. And then we all realized: the corset is back as clothes, but with a modern twist. Here’s how we can wear corsets today, thanks to the Z gene.

Shorts in 2022.

In addition to the 1970s return of Vivienne Westwood corsets, the Prada brand has included this piece in its latest collections. Today, according to fashion experts, the corset is a tribute to women who are struggling to get their place in the world. And hopefully we can take it in many ways, and here are our favorites.

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