Cosmetic treatments adapted to famous women 0 created for spring

cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments play an important role in the care of these three ladies, especially in the transition from winter to spring and in the preparation of the skin for exposure.

Cosmetic treatments tailored to celebrities

Olivera Kovačević, editor of the RTS entertainment program: TwinLight laser + PRP + mesotherapy = winning formula

Winter time of year it’s always a big challenge for me. My skin is very dry and sensitive and needs special care to stay fresh and velvety. The cold and wind dry it even more, and it often appears on my face and redness. Continuous care with cosmetics is not enough for me, which is why I regularly turn to my favorite clinic dermatologists for advice. Dr. DIVA Bogdanović. There are some very comfortable and effective medical treatments that help my skin “get through” the winter and get into the spring without harm, which I like a lot more. My favorite skin waking procedures are TwinLight laser and PRP therapy. The combination of these two methods initiates regeneration processes and helps the skin to stay healthy and look its best. The TwinLight laser was a logical choice after initial consultations with Dr. Spec. Svetlana Bogdanovic. As it stimulates the skin to regenerate naturally, stimulates the formation of new collagen, tightens the skin and has a refreshing effect on the skin, the result is biologically younger skin, which was certainly one of the goals. The longer the skin is younger, the healthier it is and the easier it is to deal with external influences, stress and TV makeup. Later, Dr. Bogdanović and I added PRP therapy to this beauty formula, which also naturally contributes to regeneration, as the procedure itself is based on blood plasma growth factors, which further stimulates the regeneration and repair of all layers. skin and face and neck … In addition, on cold days to provide my skin with the necessary nutrition of vitamins and minerals, if necessary, I use the benefits of mesotherapy treatments offered by professional clinical teams. DIVA it suits my needs. Mesotherapy and PRP, which I regularly apply with lasers, have become my daily routine. My skin appreciates this, but I must emphasize that it is very important to listen to what the doctor recommends, which is why I follow all the advice of Dr. Bogdanović and the professional team of the clinic. DIVA.

Tamara Dragičević, actress: A combination of Guinot preparations and cosmetic treatments for effective results

I am dry and sensitive skin, from an early age, prone eczema. I have been using it since June last year Guinot cosmetics, and I didn’t have the problems I mentioned in the winter. It just confirms to me that I am on the right track, which is that I have found cosmetics that fully meet my skin needs. The group Guinot experts and doctors take care of what suits my skin, as well as when to use the cream. My favorite guinot are eye cream Live Long Eye and bleaching Biological Scrub. When it comes to cosmetics word treatments, I prefer those with an exfoliating effect, procedures to moisturize the skin as well as for massages. I’ve never enjoyed a classic hygienic treatment, but hydration methods and massages refresh me a lot. ten. It seems to me that as soon as I turned 30, I immediately noticed more wrinkles around the eyes. However, I believe that with treatments and massages all of this can be corrected to a minimum, to a minimum, but well enough cared for and acted upon. fresh. And wrinkles can also be sweet because they make us look more mature (laughs). Yes I still love mine. I have to admit that I haven’t tried the fillers and Botox yet. I have nothing against these procedures if they are done by someone who knows his work well and has some measure, that is, one that suits our measure. In my doctor Nevena, who currently specializes in dermatovenerology, I also did biorevitalization, PRP and PRX treatments and was completely pleased.

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Maja Manojlović, TV character: Moisturizing treatments and anti-cellulite treatments as secret weapons

Almost generally, on the eve of spring, I put the emphasis on body care. Winter brings with it a lack of physical activity and overeating, and if you count this regime for three months, it’s clear that the procedures need to be unified. for better results. I also start with massages before spring, with mesotherapy for cellulite, and I especially like lipolaser combined with mesojeta, which together aims to get rid of excess fat and tighten the skin. As for the body, the work gets harder and harder with age, but really. Necessary It’s a great investment to have the same body tone on the 37th, if not better, than on the 27th. The problem of excess skin in the abdomen, which was left behind after a major weight loss in the twenties, I finally solved. with Sakona laser clinic Eternal. I am very happy with how Dr. Tanja Radenkov Medenica did it. Somehow we are always in control. It seems to me that modern society does not forgive irregularities to women, especially not to people in front of the public. However, youth is really a matter of spirit. Although I will be the first to look for signs of aging on my face and anticipate it with the help of a doctor, I know – if you have a smile on your face and no youth in you – these procedures will not help you. I hand over all facial care to my dermatologist, and have been doing so for years. I get hydration with active oxygen and mesoporation treatments, but also with excellent home care. I was beaten by a French medical brand. I can’t imagine taking care of their P50 without ointment, even without a face mask, to clean pores. I had never washed my face before going to bed. My eye moisturizing serum is my favorite, and I love body oils. For the sake of beautiful skin, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and get quality sleep. All of this together makes for a calmer look. I’m not a fan of solariums because the skin ages faster than them. I am not in favor of excessive sun exposure, to be more precise, but in the morning or in the afternoon.

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