Curling your eyelashes with a hair dryer is a new trend in TikTok

Curl the eyelashes with a hair dryer

Curling your eyelashes with a hair dryer is another weird thing we’ve seen on TikTok …

Fans have been debating for a decade, and most of the time how they are needed and how much damage they do. However, the TikTok community is obviously a unique audience that defies all the rules and sometimes, we think you’ll agree, “it invents hot water”.

Curl the eyelashes with a hair dryer

So another controversial thing on this platform is the curling of the lashes with the hair dryer. What TikTokerka @ sophiamasterson has tried to achieve with this method are more curly lashes with more volume.

So before heating, soak them with a little water. She adjusted her hair dryer to dry it cold, and then dried her eyelashes. Repeat the technique once more, before applying eyelash printing, and once more before applying mascara. Finally, after applying a second layer of mascara, dry the lashes a fourth time.

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While TickTockers may argue that it is a time-saving technique (and it is debatable), dermatologists and ophthalmologists are completely opposed to this trend.

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Even in cold weather, a hair dryer can damage your eyelashes and eyes. In addition to drying out the pupil, it can also cause infection, pain and even loss of vision, if used in hot drying, it can cause burns on the eyelids and burnt eyelashes.

For a great thick shake effect, you can heat up the lashes curl. This way you can safely get the volume you want.

Trainer: Lana Biželj

Source: Wavebreakmedia / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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