Deer’s business collection will inspire you for business attire

Deer business collection

The Deer business collection presented at Paris Fashion Week is the ultimate inspiration for all working women.

Unlike other brands, Dior decided to present really wearable clothes this year. The soothing palettes of white, black and gray tones combine perfectly with all kinds of materials. And the focus is on business for the fairer sex. And best of all, the collection can serve as an inspiration for your business attire.

Deer business collection

Texture game

When we arrive late or at the end of the work week, we usually resort to the easiest options: a dress with a belt, a skirt or a midi skirt … But Dior’s new collection offers us an unexpected combination of textures.

Seriously frivolous

If your job requires a more formal type of clothing or if you like suits and jackets, you don’t have to stick to familiar shapes. Why not choose a green combination?

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Folds are definitely back in fashion, and that’s what Dior designers know. So they played small, chic-looking business combinations, despite the simple, monotonous colors Dior chose for this collection.

Light color palette

February certainly doesn’t associate us with the warmer weather, but that’s not the reason our business clothes should be gray and gloomy. Choose beige or white shades, such as a pre-measured blazer or jacket.

“Cat” heels

Heels are definitely back in fashion, and most ladies choose them when they get dressed for work. However, slightly smaller heels are in vogue this season, the so-called “kitten”. Kristy Sparow / Stringer via Getty Images Entertainment; Kristy Sparow / Stringer via Getty Images Entertainment

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