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Looking for an epilator for home use? Discover all the advantages of the IPL epilator, when and how to use it and find the right model for you.


No time to shave, irritate and go to the salon often? Do you want to remove unwanted hair at home, and in the long run? Find out the benefits of an IPL epilator, when and how to use it, and what to look for when purchasing this device.

IPL Epilators: Benefits, Useful Tips and Uses – Your Skin Smoothing Guide


IPL epilator is a device with a special lamp that uses a wide spectrum light to remove unwanted hair. Light waves affect the root of the hair and stop its growth. This way, the hair is weaker, less visible, grows more slowly and – eventually – falls out, while the skin remains smooth.

The light from the epilator is associated with the pigment melanin, which depends on the color of our hair or hair. Darker hair contains more melanin as a result IPL epilator gives the best results on light skin with dark hair.


We can often come across a wrong name like “IPL laser”. It is important to know this IPL epilator it is not the same as laser treatment. Although they both emit light that reaches the hair follicles, they act on their roots and remove them, there are differences between the two devices.

Laser it focuses on a specific point, takes up a smaller area of ​​the skin, and directs individual hair follicles. Therefore, laser treatment can be uncomfortable and painful, unlike IPL hair removal.

IPL it uses light of different wavelengths, where the light is directed not only to a point, but to a wider area of ​​the skin. The IPL epilator covers most of the skin, so it works faster than a laser.


In the previous section, we mentioned some of the advantages of IPL over lasers. Now we’ll put them together in one place and list the more positives IPL epilator distinguish it from the rest.

  • Quick and easy. Using an IPL epilator is easy, and the hair removal itself is short and depends on the region. Full-length hair removal (thighs and leaves) takes an average of 30 minutes and 10 minutes in the bikini area. Removing the armpit takes the shortest amount of time – about 5 minutes.
  • Hair removal at home. With the IPL epilator, you do the whole process yourself at home, whenever you want. You can forget about making an appointment, going to the salon and waiting. Saving time is one of the main advantages, as well as the price, because the IPL epilator is often cheaper than the treatment in the salon.
  • It takes up a larger area of ​​skin. Unlike a laser that focuses on the hair follicles, the IPL epilator covers a much larger area of ​​skin with its lamp and has a faster effect on weakening the hair roots. The first results are seen after several treatments.
  • Smooth skin. Compared to hair removal, laser and other epilators, the IPL epilator is the softest on your skin, and the intensity of the pain is low or non-existent. Electric epilators they practice the principle of tweezers that pull the hair out of the roots, which can be uncomfortable, and even older production epilators grow hair. IPL epilators they use light that penetrates under the skin and directs the hair follicle so that they do not damage the skin and do not cause internal hair.


IPL Epilator is effective for brown, light brown, dark brown and black hair, and gives the best results on lighter skin with darker hairbecause they have more pigment that attracts light.

IPL epilator does not affect gray, red and blue hair well, if you want to remove such hair, you can do it classic epilators. IPL is not recommended for people with darker skin, as it can cause skin discoloration, irritation or burns. Not to be used in tattoos or permanent makeup.

Before you buy, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as you will find information on when to use and not to use an IPL epilator. For example, IPL is not recommended for use in certain skin and hair conditions during pregnancy when using certain medications. Of course, if in doubt, consult your doctor.


Skin preparation: Before using the IPL epilator, it is necessary to shave the part you want to treat, a few hours before or during the day before the epilation. Shaving leaves the hair roots exposed to light. It is not recommended to treat it with wax, sugar paste or other epilators, as well as sunbathing, self-tanning cream or solarium.

Hair Removal: Choose the intensity of the light based on your skin, hair color, and the part of your body that you are waxing. Detailed instructions can be found in the accompanying instructions. Read carefully. The new IPL epilators have special sensors that recognize your skin color and adjust the light intensity. You can use the epilator on the face, armpits, arms, legs, and bikini area. Be careful with the body part you are changing parameters for. Avoid moles, scars, stains and other skin changes.

Skin Care After Hair Removal: Avoid strong sunlight and light sources (solarium). Use sunscreen. For the next 24 hours, do not treat your skin with alcohol and alcohol. Also, avoid hot baths, saunas, and use creams that contain vitamin C and retinol.


Generally, IPL is hair removal without pain, but the exact answer depends on skin and hair color, pain threshold, and the device itself. IPL epilators with adjustable flash intensity are easier to adapt to your skin and your needs.


The answer depends on the device itself. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On average, In order for the results to be visible, IPL hair removal should be repeated every two to four weeks.

After a few days of first treatment, you will notice hair loss. Over time, as you use the epilator, your hair will look thinner and less visible. It is necessary to achieve this result regular use for four to 12 weeks. The treatment should be repeated every few months to prevent the hair from returning.


  • Number of brightness. The more flashes you have, the more treatments you can do. For example, if you choose an epilator with between 400,000 and 500,000 flashes, you will be able to get rid of your hair in the next 20 years. You can replace the lamp when it runs out. There are also IPL epilators with an unlimited number of flashes.
  • Flash speed. With some epilators, the speed of the flash is two seconds, which means that after the first flash, you have to wait that long for the next one. If it is important to complete IPL hair removal as soon as possible, a device with a sliding option will be a better option for you. Simply hold down the flash button and slide the device over your skin without waiting too long.
  • Adjustment sensor and safety system. The new IPL epilators have a sensor that detects skin color, adapts to it and determines the light intensity that is safest for you. The security system does not allow inadvertently sending the flash to an unwanted location.
  • Wireless or wired. Some IPL devices do not have cables, so they seem to have better travel options. However, some wireless IPL epilators cannot be used while the battery is charging. With cordless epilators, the cord is usually long enough for convenient use (see device specifications) and is priced lower than wireless.
  • Number of sequels. The same line device can come in two versions: with and without extensions. The higher the number of expansions, the higher the price of the device. The extensions can be for the face, armpits, bikini area and help to better fit the area where you are treating the device.


If you have white skin, dark hair, and are looking for a long-lasting solution to smooth skin, IPL epilator it’s a great opportunity for you – It will save you a lot of time. IPL is not for you if your hair is light, red, and / or your skin is darker, but it is classic epilators, which you will find at, it also helps to remove unwanted hair.


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