Do you know when your cosmetics and makeup products expire?

expiration date

If you’re wondering when to replace your cosmetics and makeup products or how long they last, our rulebook will come in handy.

We know how difficult it is to throw away a product that you put in more money and don’t get to the end. However, it should be noted that the use of cosmetics, make-up or expired skin care products, can be quite harmful to your skin and health, not to mention that many of them lose their effectiveness after the expiration date. Fortunately, most cosmetic products indicate how long they can be used after opening. It is usually six, 12 or 24 months. While these dates are great references, the way you store your products can also have a big impact on how long they will be available. If your product does not contain this information or you suspect that it may expire too soon, we can provide you with some basic rules.

What is the duration of some products?

Masks, eye pencils and eye ornaments

As these products are in contact with your eyes, it is best not to take any risks with them, as bacteria can easily accumulate in them, thus reaching your eyes. To avoid this condition, it is best to replace mascara, eye pencils and eye liner every three to six months.

Dust and concealers

All liquid cushions and concealers can generally be “fresh” for about a year. However, be aware of signs of premature expiration, such as changes in color or consistency, as well as separation in the container and cracks in the skin. If any of these happen, it’s time to replace your product with a new one.

Lip products

Generally, lipstick products, such as lipsticks, pencils, or lipsticks, can last for about a year. Again, if something changes about your product, it will be a sign that it is time to replace it with a new one. Additional tip: To make the lipstick last longer, wipe it off with a cloth.

Eye products

Like makeup products for your eyes, skin care around your eyes also carries a high risk of developing bacteria. Therefore, we suggest you replace it after half a year.

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Facial cleansers

With regard to facial cleansers and facial cleansers, we recommend limiting their use to eight months.

Bronzes and blouses

These preparations can be “fresh” for about a year. If you notice a crack or a change in texture, you should say goodbye.


The duration of face creams can vary significantly depending on whether they are in a jar or in a pumped tube. Those in the pot last well for about six months, and those in the package last up to a year. Additional tip: If your product is in a container, use a cotton box or makeup spatula instead of your fingers to prevent bacteria from passing from your fingers to the product.

SPF preparations

To be effective, that is, to protect yourself from the sun, your sunscreen must be “fresh”. That’s why it’s best to get a new SPF product every season so that it can successfully fulfill its mission.

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