Do you know why chemical peels are considered a secret cosmetic weapon?

chemical peels

Cheaper than a laser and more effective than your daily cleanser, chemical peels — both professional and DIY — can fix a long list of skin problems.

Most dermatologists agree that chemical peels are much safer than hand whitening. The former regenerates the skin by removing dead layers and inserting them deeper, to stimulate cell renewal, cleanse pores, and help make other cosmetics more effective. Manual peeling involves the use of a brush and a peel for the purpose of physically smoothing the skin. Both have their place in the beauty routine, and nothing can be compared to the shine of the skin after peeling.

CHEMICAL PEELS: A brief guide to the world of these cosmetics


WHAT I HOPE The professional peeling applied by a dermatologist is stronger than home alternatives, which results in better and faster results. Its application lasts only five to 10 minutes, and most people choose three or six treatments, usually two to four weeks apart. Experts suggest that annual peeling should be practiced as a maintenance, and that people with oily skin may experience more frequent use.

BREAK The magic starts to work as soon as the active ingredients reach your face, but your skin won’t start to change for another 48 to 72 hours. You will immediately notice the redness that disappears on the first day, and swelling and itching (similar to the sunburn on the second and third day). When your skin starts to “peel”, don’t peel it! This can result in a wound that could be infected.

RESULTS Expect skin to be smooth, lighter and fuller. The pores will shrink, your face will be more even and the scars will disappear. Exfoliation is a fourfold threat to skin aging. It helps with brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles and relaxation.

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WHAT I HOPE Do it yourself to restore great peels every week. They come in lower concentrations, so under the influence of the active ingredients, or absolutely nothing, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. However, these ingredients should not be used daily or more than once a week. Otherwise, your skin will look lifeless, dry and acne is possible. It will also be more sensitive to the sun.

BREAK You don’t have to. However, it is possible for the redness to appear, which disappears in 10 to half an hour (just apply the peel before going to bed). Your beauty routine should be kept to a minimum and should be reset after at least 24 hours (without the use of Rk retinoids).

RESULTS Gentle peels will also promote the production of new collagen and the growth of healthy cells, which will result in smoother skin and brighter skin. Of course, these peels will never be as strong as those applied in the salon.

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