Do you respect the choice of facial cleanser?

principle of harmonization

The principle of harmonization … Although it may seem complicated, everything is very simple; it is important to combine your skin type and condition with a cleanser that will be able to meet its needs.

It is essential to ask ourselves why many of us still make mistakes in hygiene when it is a basic and so simple procedure. Dermatologists say that the way you cleanse yourself, as well as the product you use, is the basis for more care. Most women use the wrong cleanser and wash their skin too often, which dries out or does not clean them enough and they go to bed with all the impurities accumulated on the skin during the day. This is why it is so important to respect the principle of harmonization.



Are you familiar with these skin cleansing gels that make a lot of foam? They are perfect for your skin type. All of this foam allows for greater skin coverage and removal of sebum and other impurities. However, experts warn not to use too aggressive agents, as well as not to wash the skin more than three times a day.


Women with this type of skin usually feel uncomfortable after washing their face. Preparations containing niacinamide help restore the skin’s oily barrier by allowing it to retain moisture. Rinse up to twice a day, then use a moisturizer.


Women with problematic skin (acne, blackheads) can wash it three times a day using the right means. Dermatologists say that preparations containing salicylic or glycolic acid are ideal for skin care. These substances act as a gentle exfoliator to remove layers of fat and dead cells.


If you feel that the skin is oily after washing your face and that it tightens at other times, after washing your face, it is a reliable sign of the combined skin type. Use a face cleanser with mild foaming agents and glycerin.


This type of skin is prone to irritation and redness. Looking for the right cleanser, it is best to try a product on a small area of ​​the face for three days in a row. After that, make sure you apply a moisturizer. Of course, choose formulations for this skin type only.


Two equally important factors for skin cleansing, which are marked by hypersensitivity and redness: the proper ingredients of the preparation and the temperature of the water. After rubbing in a mild cleanser, wash your face with warm or cold water. High temperatures – hot or very cold water – cause the blood vessels to expand, leading to redness of the skin.

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