Do you want stronger skin? Include these amino acids in your care routine …

stronger skin

Each of us wants stronger skin and less wrinkles, right? And peptide-based preparations will help achieve that cosmetic goal.

For stronger skin and less wrinkles …

Trust the peptides!

Peptides are short chains of naturally occurring amino acids in the skin and are components of proteins. In cosmetics, they can mimic the protein sequences of collagen and elastin, and stimulate their production. These proteins keep the skin looking young. Experts say that many peptides are small enough to penetrate the skin. This allows them to have a greater effect than skin care formulas with larger molecules, which due to their size remain on the surface of the skin.

How do they work?

In terms of care, peptides are known to improve the appearance of the skin to alleviate the signs of aging. They do not cause irritation as powerful anti-aging ingredients, such as retinoids, can do. Peptides typically promote the activity of other cells, such as the production of collagen and elastin. This is really necessary because after 20 years the natural production of these ingredients begins to decline. Peptides maintain a healthy skin barrier and promote wound healing; some have a mild Botox-like effect that tightens muscles and treats fine lines.

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How to use?

Many anti-aging formulas are rich in peptides. It is best to mix them well with other active ingredients. You will find it in combination with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacin. The most important thing is to use products that have long-term contact with the skin – they give the peptides enough time to start working. Therefore, give priority to serums and moisturizers over cleansers


Vichy Liftactiv Collagen Specialist SPF 25 Day Aging Care

It combines biopeptide (bioengineered skin protein extracted from peas) and vitamin Cg, an antioxidant known for its lighting effect, combined with broad-spectrum protection, SPF 25 to protect the skin from signs of collagen loss and other factors affecting its quality.

The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides% 1 serum multi-technology peptides

This formula contains a concentration of 1% of pure copper peptides, focusing on the overall health of the face.

Collistar serum to moisturize the skin around the eyes immediately

Formulated with hyaluronic acid and peptides, this innovative treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes counteracts the creation of bags and dark circles under it, wrinkles and loose eyelids.

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