Do your best with these shades

Colors for this winter

Except for neutral and monotonous colors this winter.

As we enter the winter season, we would think it’s time for more neutral tones. Although we wore orange and green shades in previous seasons, this winter is the time for true color fireworks. Here’s what stylists recommend.

Colors for this winter


These shades of blue will be everywhere: in dresses, sweaters, jeans, coats … And this color also improves concentration.

Military green

Slightly calmer shades of green and as recommended this season, and in addition to dresses and pants, you can also wear them with accessories (hats, scarves, hats).

Clay tones

Warm up your outfits with these fall shades – sweaters and coats will be the “most colorful” of these shades.

Nothing without red

Holidays and winters can be a daunting task. And the bright shades of red easily match a minimalist style.

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Funny fuchsia

Bright cyclamen shades go very well with more neutral shades: brown, gray and ivory.


Pink cake is no longer in vogue, but lilac is.


Silver should not be reserved for special cases only. Blazers, hats, scarves … Silver is everywhere! Phoenixns / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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