Does TikTok this trend work?

Frozen cucumber against facial swelling

Frozen cucumber against facial swelling is a new trend in TikTok. How effective it is, we will examine below.

Despite being used in the beauty routine for decades, TickTokers has found a new way to use cucumber to get rid of one of the most common beauty problems: bloating.

In fact, TikTok has shown a tendency to help remove facial puffiness. TikToker cut off the ends of the fresh cucumber and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then give them a face massage for a few minutes. In this way, many who have tried it say that it removes puffiness, skin irritation and redness. But is this really effective?

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Frozen cucumber against facial swelling

In addition to being a water-soaked cucumber, it soothes the skin of the face almost immediately and has anti-inflammatory properties that resist irritation.

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Its enzymes relieve inflammatory processes and pain, as well as burns. Because of all of the above, experts agree with the TikTok trend this time around. Before applying the frozen cucumber, wash your face and treat.

Chilled gouache stones, as well as aloe vera gels, have a similar effect on the face in cases where fresh cucumber is not available.

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