DON’T MISS SEVEN DINNER: Exclusive end of the year!

SEVEN EXCLUSIVE DINNER u My Restaurant and Cafe, on December 7th, for the last time this year!

The exclusive SEVEN DINNER is held seven times a year, once a month, with seven dishes and carefully selected wines. After the James Bond and Toscany dinner, we get to see a country that is synonymous with gastronomy and wine, France. Four French wine regions have been selected, Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy and Bordeaux, for this SEVEN DINNER.

SEVEN DINNERS Exclusive French-style dinner

Champagne it is the most respected wine region in the world, recognized for the production of sparkling wines. Champagnes represent a special category of wine and there are different styles of champagne that are characteristic of the amount of sugar per liter. In the world of champagne, the most estimated are those with 0 grams of sugar per liter, as they are called. Brut Nature or Zero dose. There will be SEVEN DINNER Brut Nature wine, in honor of one of the biggest names in French design and architecture, Phillipe Starck. Phillipe Starck was created in collaboration with the winery Louis Roederer, one of the most esteemed champagne house, and Mr. Starck. Like Mr. Starck’s work, the wine that bears his name is unique and unique.

seven dinners

Alsace It is the youngest region in France, having been exchanged with Germany in the past before and after each war. Alsace is his Grand Cru The classification was taken only in the second half of the twentieth century. The wine we serve for dinner, Rieslinga tik Grand Cru vineyards Kitterle, comes from the winery Schluberger, and this winery owns most of the entire vineyard.

Burgundy… We can say the most esteemed and complicated in the world of wine. It is known for its classification Grand Cru i Premier Cru vineyards that indicate the level of quality of the grapes used to produce a particular wine. Due to the uniqueness of the classification itself and the small areas of Burgundy attractiveness, good Burgundy wines are difficult to understand and more difficult to incorporate. When we look at wineries, we can divide Burgundy into two parts, large wineries that make hundreds of thousands of gallons and buy most of the Burgundy grapes, and smaller ones, artisanal and of great character.

These smaller and more special wineries, due to their quantities, are more difficult to access. We decided to introduce smaller Burgundy wineries. Vincent Girardin It is a smaller Burgundy winery and will be served at SEVEN DINNERS Meursault tik Premier Cru vineyards Les Perrieres. On the side Vincent Girardin it will also be served at dinner Premier Cru Chambolle-Musigny Les Cras wineries Antonin Guyon domain. We can say that the two wineries are relatively unknown in our market, but they represent an extraordinary curiosity of Burgundy.

when we talk about Brothels, we cannot fail to mention one of the reasons why this region is cultured, and this is the classification of 1855, which is in force at present, and which is considered important. In addition to the classification, as in all parts of the world, the most important is the harvest year. There are some years that are considered a mythical year for Bordeaux. Some of them are from 1961, 1982, 1989, and in recent history we can say that they are from 2005, 2009, 2010, 2016 …

For Bordeaux it is better to see the harvest and it is sometimes better to have a third or fifth genus wine in a good harvest than in a bad harvest. You will have the opportunity to try it out at SEVEN DINNERS Canet Bridge Since 2009. The fifth-generation winery, which is next to the quality of wine with second-generation wineries, and in wineries like 2009, can be said to be at the level of first-generation and already star-studded wineries. in a state of immortality. Renowned wine critic Robert Parker rated the 2009 Ponte Canet with a maximum of 100 points.

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We invite you to take part in the SEVEN DINNER evening and take the opportunity to taste these wines paired with chef Massimo Turan’s dishes.


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