Double wing eyeliner – a trend created for those who like to experiment!

double-sided eyeliner

Double-wing eyeliner and slogan: “Two are better than one line!” it will mark this season, so – if you have left this makeup tool – know that this is the right time to go back.

When you thought you had mastered the art of applying eyeliner, the two-sided eyeliner took the makeup stage again. But don’t be afraid – it’s not hard to come up with something so spectacular (with the right guidelines and the right products, of course). We received tips from makeup artist Vanja Radosavljević for this look, specifically her subtle version. You can find them HERE.

Overall, in terms of this look, it’s clear that makeup thinks it’s much better than two lines. Double wing The trend includes different variations of the theme: winged versions, modern tours, additions of details … Below is a small “exhibition” of the Instagram edition. Who knows, maybe this spring will encourage you to play with makeup!

Double Wing Eyeliner: How You Can Take It …

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