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If I were to ask myself, I would throw ALI out of all textbooks and textbooks, and generally remove it from use. They say, BUT he is a midfielder. It’s not a conjunction, I don’t know anyone who has ever been BUT connected. BUT he just separates, brings uneasiness, takes the wishes of the hostages, and in all, five colorful pairs are not worth it. And that’s why BUT it’s the worst word in the world. Jer…

The teacher says you are good, BUT the little Ljubica is better.

You’ve learned that well, BUT it’s not quite for five.
He’s a good guy, BUT what are you going to live on?
He’s an honest house, BUT his father doesn’t even have eight basic levels. The bricklayer.
I said no. NO BUT.
I don’t care, BUT first school should be over.
You can sleep with a boy, BUT don’t come home.
Tomorrow, when you are your man, do what you want, BUT while you are under my roof – it will be as I said.
They are honest people, he says, BUT they are of a different faith.
Everything, everything, but she is still a woman. And she won’t be a woman who walks alone in those days.
I understand fashion and everything, BUT you don’t want to get out of it, do you?
I was young too BUT I didn’t wear jeans.
You can feel free, BUT dead through me.
What you want to plan for, BUT will be as I say.

It’s not an obstacle for me, BUT …

I know it’s not my account, BUT when are you planning something else?
I’m sorry, BUT if you can do it a little faster, I haven’t been here all day.
I’d love to, BUT it’s just the end of our working day.
You can complain to whoever you want, BUT the rules are the rules.
I can BUT I won’t.
Okay, true – it’s not pretty, BUT it’s as full as a boat.
Now you think so, BUT you don’t live out of love.
They get along very well, BUT she has a child from her first marriage.
I understand all this, BUT who has eaten since he drew bread?
To be alive and well, BUT the next one must be a man.
I know he’s watching, BUT he’s a son after all. They will not leave him home.
You can disobey me, BUT it is mine to tell you.

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You may not love me, BUT you must listen to me.
I know it’s not a flower, BUT sometimes you have to close your eyes a little.
Whatever you want to do, BUT it won’t work.
You alone laugh, BUT one day you will remember me. You’ll get me out of the mud.
Deder, do it your way, BUT don’t blame the devil tomorrow.
I am looking for work, BUT there is no one to encourage me.
I wouldn’t share any advice, BUT if I were you …

But, but, but…. And so on and so forth. BUT it ruined more opportunities than all the misfortunes of this world combined.
And I’d like to add something more, BUT … I’d better keep quiet, right …?
Well, yes.

Text: Daniela Bakić

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