Doubt Alapacha: Everyone has time

“You can sit at home and lose weight,” the newspaper headline said. On the next page, “a popular recipe after which hair won’t grow back” was waiting for me. Wax at home! Immediately, “the only proven remedy against the crown.”

Okay, if the “only proven remedy” doesn’t work, I want to die handsome and hairless. When archaeologists excavate me in a thousand years, let them say, “Women were very well prepared at the time.” Come on, please ..!

Everyone has their time. Every thing has its time under the sky. There is a time when one is born and one dies. And it’s time to cut your legs off.

I don’t want to believe that there are women today who go to light. Or an aesthetic. There are still “nails”, eyebrows, corrections. And that’s really the reason for leaving home. If I have to go out, I’ll go out and buy some food. Or take a pot of beans from my dad. And I don’t care if I’m in my full edition.

Please save me from the miraculous ingredients, the pompous headlines, and the stupid news about anything. Nowadays, I don’t want to know who “dominated” who, when and how. Nowadays, nothing can leave me speechless. I don’t care why Jennifer Lopez’s hair, for God’s sake, is always like an advertisement. I’m not interested in the new Gwyneth Paltrow fashion line created specifically for home insulation. And, yes, I realize I’m the billionth person to make that joke.

At a time when we have sixty people in our breathing spaces, are you writing about the hairstyle of a woman who appears every day at press conferences? Come on, please. Is it drying itself or is it the work of a hairdresser? If he does it alone – why can’t he just dry it …? If she’s a hairdresser – who is …? Because the public wants to be informed! The public has the right to know.

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Well, well. At a time when the public wants to know – I would like to know what a particular doctor has in mind, and whether it really applies to an expert in their field, what type and shade of paint they use, and which is better. be on the side section or in the middle. But hey, we’re all responsible for our own choices.

If you’re really interested in how this woman lives alone and has only two housewives in her luxury apartment, how, alas, she’s drying herself up and how much she got for her last performance in Klagenfurt – okay. But if you really want to go looking for your nails, on the other side of town, because you don’t feel good without French and you can’t dominate Instagram without upgrading – please don’t. Save yourself from us and us from you. Stay in the box.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! The nails will not escape anywhere. What it is, it was a long time ago. What will be, what was long ago, what will happen, God brings again. Some have intelligence, and others have gel polish. Amen.

Text: Daniela Bakić

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