Doubt Alapacha: Gossip is ours


I’m reading something these days, so I’m thinking of everything – Karadjordj didn’t raise this nation as much as a pensioner over 65 years old. A woman started in English, was shot by someone, appeared on social media. What they say – went viral. And the spears are breaking, some shouting – Grandma is the queen, others – what she has to do, she’s going to prolong our life, others say she’s insane, nowhere … Most of the time – everyone comments in order. And it’s not for these benevolent people, some smiles say, they write “justice for grandma,” but if Facebook were some kind of law, and others were asked, Grandma would be tied to a horse’s tail. ago.

Come on, come on, why the hell …? What attacked us …? When we were so strong, so we would like to tell everyone everything and for once, would we put in a mustache …? Let’s judge, rich man ..!? And it’s not yesterday. What used to be a bazaar, now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever … Why we are like that, what it leads to, and whether the bazaar stories will ever leave us, I don’t know.

I know you can’t like the world. So if you are blonde, black hair would look better. If you’re black, maybe red after all …? If you are not getting married, what are you waiting for?

Get married, and if you finish a small school, you won’t lose anything. If you’re finishing school, and you see how crazy she is, she would be a lady. If you’re a woman, what makes you important is knowing who you are and where you come from. If you’re not a lady, and you might be, it’s not appropriate for a doctor to act that way. If you’re a doctor, and we’re right and you’re not, my doctor always gave me a prescription, I didn’t even have to come. Even if you cross them without coming, and that’s suspicious too, he shares it with his fist and hat. If you work up to four, and you could go a little further.

If you stay longer, you certainly don’t know your job, because everyone else finishes in eight hours, only you can’t. If you said you were going home in a hurry because you knew you were going to work, who did you give birth to?

If you leave it with your mother, you throw the baby away. If you don’t bring them, why don’t you bring me a baby, I’ll probably be a grandmother too. If you take it to your mother and don’t take it to your mother-in-law, you’re not good again. And it was good for you to get your share of the loan. Even if they wear it themselves, don’t wear that skirt, it doesn’t work, what will the world say. If the world doesn’t say it, the mother will say it. Or a neighbor. Or zaova. If you wear pants, you are not a woman. If you are not a woman, you are married. If she married you, it was because she was pregnant. Even if you are pregnant, you can only recognize the baby. If he had confessed to the child, he could sometimes have given that alimony.

If he provides food, it does not mean that he is a father. If he had been a father, the crown would not have fallen if he had not taken the boy to the park. If he takes me to the park, he returns my sweaty baby.

If he is sweating, he will catch a cold. If it gets cold, I’ll take it to the doctors, not you. If I take it to the doctors, you can at least take cookies. If you go out to grab a cookie and don’t really need it after lunch, he won’t eat the soup now. If he does not eat the soup, his intestines will become attached. If the intestines are fresh, I will take them to the doctors. If you offer to correct it, is it because of that nurse at the reception? If it’s not for the nurse, it’s the doctor. If it’s not in the hands of the doctor, why have I finished so many schools …? And maybe still painting, eh?

Well, psychologists say it’s a projection. Considering in others what we would like to be. And always start from us. Well the thief thinks everyone around him is a thief. He cheats on the woman, saying that everyone around him is a villain. And let’s be good at changing, let’s believe that what’s next is also good. So let’s help when we can. We don’t have to retaliate if we don’t have to. We would be better people. And the bazaar – a much nicer place to live.

Text: Daniela Bakić

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