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Apple cider vinegar for facial skin care

Apple cider vinegar has been used to care for the skin of the face since ancient times, but is it safe for our skin?

If you have experienced acne at any stage of your life, we believe that you have applied toothpaste or apple cider vinegar to your pimples at least once, with the advice of your mother or grandmother.

While the older generation had some invaluable tips for life, putting on sensitive facial skin may not be the best advice. However, there are ways in which apple cider vinegar has made its way into the facial skin routine of many of us. It is also found in many products as an ingredient. But before applying this vinegar to the pimple or directly on the face, read the following text carefully.

Apple cider vinegar for facial skin care

This vinegar has a long history of care, especially for those who prefer more natural home cooking. Used properly (diluted in water or as an ingredient in existing products), apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on the skin in many ways.

It avoids age points – The alpha-hydroxy acids in apple cider vinegar can lighten the pigmentation and color of age spots.

Helps against acne, pimples and blackheads – Acids have an anti-bacterial effect and prevent the development of bacteria and acne, which in turn removes the layer of dead cells and allows the skin to recover and regenerate. Apple cider vinegar also dries out existing pimples, thus speeding up their extinction.

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Maintains skin pH balance – Removing the oily layer of the skin will balance the pH level of apple cider vinegar and ensure that the skin is not greasy or dry. Washing the face with this vinegar once a day helps to regulate the secretion of the natural sebum on the facial skin.

Helps rebuild skin cells – Large amounts of beta-carotene help heal the skin from the effects of free radicals that attack facial skin cells on a daily basis.

Definitely something important to consider that is, if you have a skin problem, consult a dermatologist or beautician who will fix the problem. Don’t do more damage to your home and go to home remedies that can completely destroy your facial skin. Fortunately, today we live in a world full of products to solve specific skin problems in the beauty market.

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