Eyebrow shape in 2022: Here’s how to style next season

By 2022 the shape of the eyebrows will be more striking and darker. In a word – more natural!

Eyebrows have become one of the main segments of our beauty routine in recent years, and it must be said that there was also time to study how much facial expressions change.

Whether it’s raising the eyebrow, punching it with a thread, whether it’s a Japanese sketch or something completely different, eyebrows have become part of our image and the aesthetics of the individual. And even though Hailey Bieber has briefly returned to thin eyebrows since the 2000s, it seems, thankfully, that they aren’t returning to fashion. Instead, expressive eyebrows stay in the forefront next year. We look for even fuller, more natural eyebrows that smooth our face. What will be the most popular shapes, read below.

Eyebrow shape in 2022.

Straight eyebrows


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This is the Korean trend for full eyebrows, with a minimal arch and a subtle finish. Of course, if you want to achieve this look, you need to let your eyebrows grow first. Then remove those loose hairs. This will make the eyebrows look straighter. But be careful not to overdo it.

Natural eyebrows


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This simply means sticking to the natural shape of your eyebrows and subtly defining them: not too thin, not too thick, but minimalist and simple. This means that excess hair has been removed, the arch is permanent, but the eyebrows are not stressed too much.

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Rough eyebrows


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The biggest trend this year was dark eyebrows for all fans – don’t worry, and it will continue to be there next year. This trend includes minimal use of pencils and dust. Instead, the eyebrows are less defined and well combed.

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