Famous supermodels show off skin care rules!

famous supermodels

Famous supermodels are the most common models in the beauty scene, whether it’s makeup, manicure or skin care!

Looking for a proven recipe for skin care and recovery? You are not alone! After a cold year, due to the central heating system and the lack of vitamin D, it is not surprising that your skin is dry and dull. Even if we add masks. But don’t worry – here are five skin care recipes from the famous supermodels below that can help you on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

Famous Supermodels: Here’s How to Keep Your Skin Healthy, Shiny and Young …

Sara Sampajo

Sara believes that it is very important for healthy and radiant skin to drink enough water and get quality sleep. He regularly uses a serum with hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamin C, and changes the cream depending on the weather. If the weather is dry, get rich and moisturizing. If it is wetter, choose lighter formulations. It avoids skin peeling, but removes makeup well every night.

Miranda Ker

Miranda says the key is consistency. She doesn’t go to bed without removing makeup from her face and never strays from established beauty rituals. Based on its branded products – CORA Bodiescs. Sometimes, in the morning, when he feels swollen, he likes to do a gua sha facial massage, which stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and lifts the face. In addition, Miranda added that celery juice is something people can do inside and out for their health. He drinks on an empty stomach every morning because, as he says, it helps digestion, has an anti-inflammatory effect, keeps the kidneys functioning, alkalizes the body and is full of electrolytes.

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Heidi Klum

Heidi believes that a balanced diet and consuming enough water can help to brighten the skin. “You’re the one who eats it,” says a facial cleanser, this famous supermodel who doesn’t just use baby shampoo because she thinks everything that’s good for washing a baby’s skin is best for everyone.

Candice Swanpool

Candic also votes for consistency, drinks plenty of water, peels regularly, sleeps well, and adjusts his care products to the weather.

Shanina Shayk

Shanina’s beauty formula has an excellent cleanser, drinking plenty of water, good sleep and healthy digestion.


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