Fashion in the “Emily in Paris” series: the best style tricks

Fashion Parisian Emily series

The first season of the “Emily in Paris” fashion series has come to the fore. And here’s what we learned from it.

Sometimes the fashion action of our favorite series and movies fascinates us more than itself. For example, the “Emily in Paris” series is sometimes lukewarm, though unrealistic, but the main reason most people see it is because of the clothing combinations.

The new season arrives on December 22nd, and until then, let’s remember those combinations that really enchanted us!

Fashion in the “Emily Parisen” series

Distinctive color

Choose the color that suits you and the color that everyone will remember. And try to be as brave as possible!

Bold designs

Accept bolder designs, be it hearts, lines or stars. Revive your outfits!

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Opposites are attracted

Tufnice with bright colors and an unusual print. Why not? Clothes also serve as part of our personal stamp and attract attention.

Loud fashion choices

Who says a little black dress has to be boring? Choose a different cut or material and show yourself.

Hair accessories

Hats, ribbons, decorations … Beautify your hairstyle with a unique choice. Berets are definitely a good choice because they are always in vogue.

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