Fashion trends for each type of material: Agents show how!

Fashion trends for each type of material

Fashion trends for each type of material are not much different, and the secret lies in one thing: self-confidence!

Today, fashion does not know the size, height or color of the skin, as it once did. Today’s fashion represents personal style, expression, freedom, uniqueness. It promotes self-confidence, regardless of the number of sweets. It is fed by celebrities and social media actors. See below how influencers lead fashion trends and find your inspiration.

Fashion trends for each type of material

Paint the outfit

Jazmin Vega, despite her oversized material, is an example of how we wear bright colors and bold clothes.

Braver trends

Raenan Langas decided to combine classic and bolder outfits and created a genuine style that could be an inspiration for you.

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For all sizes

Kristina Zais showed us that styles can be adapted to any body shape.

Only brave

Yumi Nu, also appeared on the cover Fashion in september this year, it is an example that even the most daring styles can lead anyone.

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