Five ways to dress like the stars of the world

balloon representative

The “bubble” tail or “bubble” tail is a complete hit in the hair world, and here’s how you can dress it up.

Wait a while to pick up a comb, hairstyle, hair bands and hair. Below we show you all the ways to wear a “balloon” tail, following the example of the stars of the world. Copy their look today!

“Balloon” hairstyle ideas

Face frame

In the case of this model, the “balloon” tails are made only for the front, to frame the face. To achieve the bubble effect, Gigi used transparent hair bands.

Retro style

At this year’s BFTA awards, Prijanka Chopra Jonas chose a “horse” high tail with bubbles. It exploded that curled back look.

Supporting arches

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Actress Tessa Thompson smelled her high-pointed tail with a ribbon tied to each balloon.


You can also decorate your tail with hair accessories, for special occasions such as weddings. Unusual, effective and so easy!

Low tail

The bubble tail does not have to be high. And the low tails can’t seem to be renewed with bubbles. via Instagram

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